CMS Shines a Little Light on Habitat for Humanity

Monday, 27 July 2009, Kuching: Although building a house for a needy family was exhausting work, the reward was absolutely priceless. This was the experience of 20 CMS employee volunteers who helped Habitat for Humanity change the lives of ordinary people from Kampung Sandong, Kuching on Saturday, 25 July 2009.

Mixing concrete under the hot sun, shoveling tonnes of gravel by hand, pushing 60kg wheelbarrows and laying concrete on floors for up to 6 hours is punishing work, especially for employee volunteers with little or no experience at building work.

But the feeling of satisfaction made the aches, pains, blisters and sunburn all worthwhile. “We had fun in spite of the hard work and the aching backs the following day. Being able to contribute was a good feeling,” said Lam Shan Kong of CMS Concrete Products.

Volunteers were proud to have concreted the entire interior floor area and part of the external area of the house. The beneficiary family will be able to leave their current flood-prone house and move into their new home by August 2009.

Construction workers, executives and senior managers alike from CMS Concrete Products, CMS Cement, CMS Centre Management, CMS Clinker and CMS Trust volunteered to take part in the home-build.

As it has done with millions of volunteers around the world, Habitat for Humanity has plucked the heartstrings of volunteers at CMS and become one of our favourite ‘CMS Doing Good’ activities. Its “sweat equity” system is a sustainable and practical way of helping low-income earners to get clean, low-cost housing.

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