CMS Clinker Recycles

Friday, 29 July 2011, Kuching – The recycling fever took hold of CMS Clinker in July when in just one morning, a total of 1.4 tonnes or 1,400 kg of recyclable material were collected from its employees!

Some 45 CMS Clinker employees participated in the Company’s inaugural Recycling Campaign that day as one of the many environmental projects to be organsied in conjunction with the planned ISO 14001 certification of CMS Clinker.

From the time the collection booth opened at 9 am, there was a continuous stream of employees coming in with their newspapers, boxes and household items.

According to one CMS Clinker colleague, the recycling campaign not only educated them on work area cleanliness but also helped improve housekeeping at home.

Some were happy to have their children join in the fun of learning to segregate different recyclable materials in the home.

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