CMS Cement (Bintulu) Build Surau Extension

CMS CementMonday, 20 June 2011, Bintulu – Most people cherish their Sundays as quality time for the family. But not so for the kind-hearted and high-spirited team of CMS Cement (Bintulu) who willingly gave up their Sunday to ‘Do Good’ for a local surau.

On 12 June 2011, a large group of 52 staff members of CMS Cement (Bintulu) got together at Surau Datul Taqwa located at Taman Sebiew, Bintulu, to build the floor of the surau’s front porch.

The team began work at 9 am and finished by 5 pm. Lunch was kindly provided by the Surau’s committee who were thankful for the manpower help in building this extension and for the 5 tones of OPC cement donated by the company.

A simple ceremony at the end of a hard day’s work saw CMS Cement (Bintulu) Safety Officer, Deejay Robin, present the Surau committee chairperson with souvenirs on behalf of the team.