Gotong-Royong for Surau Darul Salihin

Wednesday, 29 June 2011, Kuching – The team from CMS Cement are certainly busy bees indeed! Demonstrating that their ‘Doing Good’ spirit knows no rest, we frequently see over weekend after weekend, staff of the Cement operation readily give up their rest days to help the community around them.

In yet another show of this excellent community spirit, 21 staff from CMS Cement selflessly gave up their weekend on 18 – 19 June to do a Gotong-Royong at Surau Darul Salihin located in Kampung Nanas, Simunjan, approximately 3 hours drive from Kuching.

Their journey began on Saturday morning and they reached their destination by noon. After prayers, the team started the Gotong-Royong where they helped to spruce up the surroundings of the Surau. Trimming bushes, cutting grass, clearing weeds and repainting the Surau’s fence and gate with the tins of green paint that were brought along.

Apart from the paint, 2 wall fans, a kalimah, wooden cabinet and an amplifier were also donated by CMS Cement. The cabinet and amplifier donations were particularly significant as both items of the Surau were in a state of disrepair. With their handy electric drills, our colleagues set it upon themselves to install the wall fans, amplifier and kalimah for the villagers.

Our colleagues also brought in an Ustaz for a spiritual talk with the villagers held that Saturday night.

The next morning, our CMS Cement colleagues were sent off with many well wishes by the happy villagers who were grateful for the facelift of their Surau in good time for the holy month of Ramadan.

Article written by Elaine Teo, CMS Management Trainee